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Immerse your marketing strategy with zero party data orchestration

As a Google Marketing Platform partner, we offer comprehensive data-driven marketing solutions from measurement to activation, leveraging insights, innovation and technology to deliver superior performance for clients and spearhead the new era of tech-driven marketing.

What We Do

Your end-to-end Digital Companion

Our marketing agency excels in marketing science, digital analytics, cloud engineering, and CRO/UX. Partner with us to enhance your digital presence and unlock potential.

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Marketing Science

Our strategic marketing services drive brand awareness and deliver measurable results, helping businesses reach their target audience effectively.

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Digital Analytics

Our analytics services provide valuable insights and actionable data, empowering businesses to make informed decisions and optimize their strategies.

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Cloud Engineering

Our expert cloud engineering team optimizes data infrastructure with tailored architectures, ensuring superior performance and efficiency.

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Our specialized Conversion Rate Optimization services expertly optimize conversion rates, maximizing business growth and improving ROI significantly.

How We Do It

Our progressive approach

FaaS: Zero-In

Unleash the Power of Zero Party Data with Next-Gen Marketing Cloud Technology Services by Loglo TRKKN.

artificial intelligence

FaaS: G-Synch

Seamlessly Connect and Leverage Your Data with Zero-ETL framework embedded natively on Google Cloud Platform and Google Marketing Platform with zero integration.

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Our skilled team excels in GTM, GA4, CRO, UX design, and is dedicated to helping clients reach their marketing goals.

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Why We Do It

Nowadays Data is the Most Precious Thing

Data is now the most precious asset, with a strong emphasis on security, privacy, and cloud compliance. Leveraging data analytics drives enhanced conversions and personalized marketing strategies. Integration of offline conversions provides a holistic view, optimizing both online and offline campaigns. In this data-centric era, utilizing data effectively is vital for business success.

SPC Compilance

With Google Cloud, you can prevent, detect, investigate, and respond to security incidents before they impact your business, and build on the most trusted, secure cloud to drive your organizations digital transformation.

  • Google Cloud: Secure foundation, risk management, digital sovereignty.
  • Chronicle Security Operations: Cloud, enterprise, any source, any scale, threat intelligence, automated response.
  • Digital Risk Protection: Global attack surface visibility, dark web activity monitoring, threat neutralization.
  • Zero-trust approach: Trust mechanisms, continuous verification, workforce and workload protection.
  • Fight online fraud: Denial of service and web attacks defense, attacker behavior analysis, adaptive protections, scalability.

Enhanced Conversions

Enhanced conversions improve measurement accuracy and bidding power. It securely supplements your conversion tags with hashed first-party data sent to Google using the SHA256 hashing algorithm.

  • First-party customer data: Email address, name, home address, phone number captured in conversion tracking tags, hashed, sent to Google.
  • Enhanced conversions for web: Hashed data used to match customers to signed-in Google accounts, improving measurement. Benefits: Recover unmeasured conversions, optimize bidding with better data, privacy-safe hashing.
  • Enhanced conversions for leads: Upload and import conversion data from lead forms without modifying them or CRM systems. Benefits: Easy setup, improved campaign performance, flexible implementation with Google tag or Tag Manager.

Offline Conversions

Measure offline conversions by importing data to track customer journeys that begin with ads and end in offline sales, such as office visits or phone purchases.

  • Importing offline conversion events provides a comprehensive view of cost-effective conversions driven by keywords and targeting criteria. This data helps target and optimize campaigns for increased profit.
  • Offline conversion recording involves tracking and recording sales closed offline (phone or in-person) in a CRM system. Return transactions are excluded after 30 days from online sales. Sales from new customers or second purchases are specifically recorded. Online sales without standard JavaScript-based tracking are accurately tracked.

Covering GMP Toolset

Whether you're in need of support for a single project or envisioning a long-term partnership, we have the expertise and resources necessary to elevate your marketing initiatives.

Our collaboration with the Google Marketing Platform empowers us to provide you with cutting-edge solutions and strategies, ensuring that your marketing efforts yield more substantial results. We are committed to helping you reach your goals, whatever the size or duration of your marketing endeavors may be.


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